Relationships – Challenge

Many people are out enjoying a beautiful day. Bile was challenged to go out there and talk to people. You may have heard that approaching Finns can be a bit challenging. Let s see how it goes for Bile.

How easy is it for you to approach and meet people? Would you give it a try?

Embracing good relationships for our own wellbeing

Strong and good relationships are important for our own wellbeing. First, it is the relationship with ourselves, then our family, friends, workplace or school, the community and the society as a whole. The sense of belonging is also a key contributor to our mental health.

Connecting and building meaningful relationships and social connections are vital for our mental and emotional wellbeing. It does not necessarily mean a romantic relationship. All types of relationships count, whether it is romance, friendship, family or work relations.

While healthy relationships support in combating loneliness, and isolation, it is important to recognise that unhappy and toxic relations are more destructive than being alone.

People who build positive relationships

  • Respect boundaries
  • Listen to each other without judgement and give space for being heard and supported
  • Make time to connect with people
  • Are present. When they are with friends and family, they focus on cherishing the moment instead of checking the phone or work emails
  • Are able to express their feelings in a safe space and be honest

Setting boundaries is important in any kind of relationship. They allow us to be comfortable and develop positive self-esteem, confidence and emotional balance. Personal boundaries are physical, emotional and mental limits that we need to establish with ourselves in order to identify our safe ways that we allow others to interact with us. It is not about putting a wall and not allowing people in. It is about taking responsibility for our actions and emotions, while not taking responsibility for other people’s actions or emotions. Establishing healthy and clear boundaries are about knowing who you are, what you want, your values and limits.

Reflections and Thoughts

  • How easy is it for you to meet new people?
  • Do you get nervous meeting new people? Why?
  • Where do you usually like to meet your friends?
  • How do you view yourself as a friend?
  • How much time do you spend with your loved one?
  • What does a good relationship mean to you?
  • What values are important to you in any type of relationship?
  • Do you find yourself taking care of others and more invested in other people than you should instead of focusing on your own needs?
  • Think of a person who is important to you. What makes him/her a good friend / role model ?


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