In Finnish, Oma Mieli refers to ”my own mind” … It is about looking after your own mental health.

The content is designed to give the multicultural community more information about the meaning of mental health. We provide you with tips and actions you can take every day to look after yourself and others.

Mental health is complex and diverse. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand when it is not explained in your own language. The information is currently available in Finnish, Arabic and English.

Bile’s mental health challenges

Meet Bile, an enthusiastic father, a husband, an actor and musician.

Bile opens the doors to his life to share through short video documentaries, the small changes he’s been doing to improve his wellbeing. Bile accepted our various mental health challenges we gave him. It hasnt always been easy and that’s ok.

As Dr Bile he also shares practical tips on how to make small changes in your life.

So… Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready for #smallchanges?

Do you need urgent support?

If you feel you are in crisis, your emotional wellbeing is getting worse or know someone else who needs support, call our Crisis Support Line available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Arabic. All calls are free, anonymous and confidential.

Crisis helpline

In Finnish
Open 24 hours everyday
09 2525 0111

In Arabic and English
Open Mon, Tue at 11-15, Wed at 13-16 and 17-21,on Thu at 10-15
09 2525 0113 

In  Swedish
Open Mon, Wed at 16-20, Tue, Thu and Fri at 9-13
09 2525 0112

SOS crisis centre

in Finnish, English, Swedish and through an interpreter in your mother tongue by appointment
Mon-Thu 9- 12 and 13-15, on Fri 9-12
09 4135 0510